Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number ListPublishing content regularly — and striving to improve with each new creation — is a proven way to figure out how to serve your audience and meet your business goals.

But I have other things to do Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List besides writing content, and you do too.

Recently, I had trouble finishing a draft of a post and realized that my other responsibilities were distracting me from getting clear on the message I wanted to communicate.

So today, I’m going to share the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List simple solution that helped me complete the article with ease.

Why is the coffee shop sexier than the bar?

No, that subhead isn’t a new spin on: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

It references one of my recent posts, The Coffee Shop Is Sexier than The Bar.

I initially wrote down a lot of ideas for that content, but when it was time to create a solid draft, I was stuck.

My go-to remedy when I feel blocked is to ask myself questions. I said:

If I’m calling the post “The Coffee Shop Is Sexier than The Bar,” every part of it needs to answer the question, “Why is the coffee shop sexier than the bar?”

My other musings needed to be cut out and (potentially) saved for other articles.

How to earn the attention of people “who don’t have time to read”

People quickly navigate away from content that contains too many ideas.

You can challenge readers without overwhelming them.

So, once you craft a headline, turn that title into a question in order to pinpoint your main message.

Then, as you draft and review your content, make sure every part of it answers that question.

Length doesn’t matter. A short post could be cluttered and convoluted; a long post could be cluttered and convoluted. A long post could be clear and crisp; a short post could be clear and crisp.

Even the busiest readers will make time for focused content, regardless of length, because they know they’ll get a payoff for their investment in it.

3 more examples of how you can use this technique

Browsing the classic five-W tribe and lone-wolf H will help you transform your headline into a question:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why
  • How

Here are three other posts I’ve written and the questions that helped keep the content focused:

7 Unusual Signs on the Path to a Breakthrough

  • What are the 7 unusual signs on the path to a breakthrough?

Attract Better Clients and Customers with the ‘Chuckle Point’ Technique

  • How does this technique help you attract better clients and customers?

The Best Place to Consistently Find Winning Content Ideas

  • Where is the best place to consistently find winning content ideas?

This tip may seem obvious, but …

So much writing advice fails to take into consideration that content marketers are people who have other responsibilities.

And those other responsibilities sometimes make it difficult to see the obvious.

I was distracted and needed to use this quick tip to move forward.

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