Depending on the communication within your cookie policy and cookie notification, you must set the correct settings within Google Analytics 4. The settings refer to the ability to show personalized advertisements to website users.

For example, data collection by Google signals improves on Google data, so you can better understand your customers’ behavior across devices.

  1. Then acknowledge that you collect user data and also process this in your cookie policy.
  2. Have you done all of the above? Then you fully comply with the guidelines regarding AVG.

You Can Set the AVG Settings By Following The Steps Below

  1. Go to management.
  2. Click on ‘Data Settings’.
  3. Click on ‘Data Collection’.
  4. Do you want to use multiple insights? Then it is recommended to use Google Signals. If you want to set this up, you must first click on ‘Get started’.
  5. Google Signals will then show you exactly the steps to set this up.
  6. If you want to use location data, turn on the second function. This is sensible for insight and any bid adjustments on location.
  7. Ad personalization is necessary for retargeting. This is on by default, if you don’t want this click on the gear and turn off all regions.


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Ready to transition to Google Analytics

Hopefully the above settings will help you set up Armenia Phone Number Google Analytics 4. If you still have questions about certain settings? Then let us know in the comments! I would like to think along with you!

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