The bloggers’ research shows that blogs are most successful if they have, among other things, these characteristics: Own research More than 2000 words  Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List Published more than once a week With paid social promotion Spent more than 6 hours Provided with video Influencers: 3 types of ‘collaborative content’ The blogger’s survey.

Also found that working

with influencers is the best way to generate reach with a blog, in addition to SEO , email marketing , social media and paid promotion. Crestodina calls it collaborative content. It is best to arrange this in advance with the influencer. In B2B, only fifteen percent of companies use influencer marketing, according to the speaker.

Ally There are three ways to collaborate

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with experts and influencers. Because according to Crestodina ‘an ally is [ally] in creation, an ally in promotion’ . Contributor quote: a substantive text about a subject or issue. As an example , here’s a blog from the speaker with quotes from six experts about writing powerful blog titles Expert round-up – answering some substantive questions.

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