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Google is also offering specialized mobile advertising Australia Accountant Email Lists to some businesses. Just this year, the search giant launched mobile ads for auto companies. That gives original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to run automotive ads on searches for makes and models.

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Toyota and Ford have already begun running the ad format for some of their models. So far, the new campaign strategy seems to be a success.

“Across our core line of car models, we’ve seen a 45-percent increase in conversion events and a 30-percent decrease in CPA compared to standard text ads,” said Dionne Colvin-Lovely, director of traditional and new media for Toyota Motor Sales, USA.

Google enabled the ad format because more than half of automotive searches occur on smartphones. Similar formats are available for companies in the travel, finance, and shopping industries. You can expect that the company will offer those types of ad formats to other sectors that see significant search queries on a mobile platform.

Tips for Mobile Advertising

Now that we’ve provided a general overview of mobile marketing, let’s look at some specific ways that you can maximize your ROI with mobile ads.

For starters, consider the click-through destination. If somebody on a mobile platform clicks one of your ads, where is that person going? Does the click take the user to a website? If so, is that website mobile-friendly? Does it load quickly? Is it easy to navigate for a user who’s using a tiny smartphone screen in portrait mode? Even if you have the best mobile ad in the world, it won’t matter if it takes the user to a site that isn’t responsive. Make sure that your click destination is ready for a mobile audience.

Also, use clickable telephone numbers. That’s especially great advice if you’re doing local marketing. Your ad should show a phone number that a smartphone user can just touch (or click the “Call” button) to dial it. That makes life easier on the customer and gets you off to a good first impression. Also, users respond better to ads with phone numbers.

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