For marketing, but to support sales. You do this by getting traffic to the website and stimulating conversion. In order to determine the effects, you need South Africa WhatsApp Number List figures and the tool that the speaker recommends is Google Analytics. Only from the moment you measure your conversion figure and have insight into.

The number of conversions

You can improve where necessary. And you can only do that if you have data: ‘accurate data helps you save time, budget and avoid missed opportunities .’ It is obvious that this is where Crestodina’s specialty lies. It offers a lot of depth (and especially a lot of sheets – 650 in total). Smart: update existing content Content has to be good.

Period But you don

South Africa WhatsApp Number List

Articles, you need 100 good articles. And for that you don’t have to create something new all the time. An important recommendation from the speaker is this: ‘If all of my content is up to date and ranking where I think it should be, I’ll write something new. If not, I’ll update and relaunch an old post.’ So don’t create new content until you’re completely satisfied.

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