In the background. Some people discovered that the same company made Ax deodorant and Dove soap. Others found that the same brand was selling its pizzas cheaper using a supermarket brand. The first digital forums were filled with amateur analysts, who commented, valued and rated what they simply consumed before. The marks began to come down from the clouds and take shape. And from there they began to travel from their world to ours. Brands have not stopped conveying meanings, but those meanings no longer define us as consumers, but as people . Consuming this or that brand is now a vote in favor of that brand. A vote in its entirety, towards its products, its prices, its communication. but also in favor of its hiring policy, the affiliation of its CEOs.

Or the behavior of the celebrities they hire

Or the behavior of the celebrities they hire. Buying today is equivalent to saying “I agree with that” and, consequently, “it” has been transformed. If brands Photo Restoration define us, we will partner with brands that share our vision of the world. And that means that taking a position has become more important than occupying a position. That acting has become more important than communicating. That relating has become more important than conveying key messages. That what happens inside greatly affects what happens outside. That being part of the culture has become more important than creating a culture that others want to be a part of. creating magic It may seem like that realistic twist has killed the magic of the brands, but it hasn’t. It is not about creating purely functional brands, or that say what others expect to hear. It is about creating moments of magic being able to connect to the reality.

Photo Restoration

Of people it is not something easy to achieve

Of people it is not something easy to achieve, among other things because it requires familiarizing yourself with a new way of understanding brands Executive List and new tools to create magic. Today is a distinctive attitude. Tomorrow will be the only way to stay alive as a brand. Some, like Nespresso, are walking that path and learning what works, and what doesn’t with the advantage of not needing it to survive.Brands, data and revolving doors Jordi Mateu Brands, data and revolving doors Posted on October 21, 2021 Whenever I use a revolving door, that image from the movie Superman (1978), starring Christopher Reeve, and in which Clark Kent takes advantage of the Daily Planet revolving door to change his clothes and appear transformed into the superhero, comes to mind. New digital brands and improved services I refer to that image to refer metaphorically to what happens.

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