The concept of branded content in social networks is not new; however, currently it has acquired a singular popularity due to the fact that companies had to take a significant turn to arouse the interest of increasingly expert, demanding and demanding users. The key now is to focus on the user experience rather than extolling the benefits of the product or service to persuade buyer personas ; And it is precisely in this new way of doing marketing that branded content emerges, recognizing the virtues of the brand to make them known, generating sensitivity and empathy with the public.

Branded content appeals to the emotions and thoughts that the brand wants to convey; It acts as a link between the brand and its audience Lebanon phone number valuable content but without being invasive. What is the particularity of branded content then? Why apply it and how to use it? We’ll tell you then Why Brands Need New Actions to Position themselves We can allude to several reasons but let’s think about the fundamental ones: Consumers are immersed in a market full of possibilities, saturated with information and advertising.

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This often makes them feel mistrust and confusion. In addition, knowing consumers is an infinite task: it is necessary to know their true needs, tastes, expectations; which will not always be the same. This knowledge is of great value for your branding and marketing strategies. Why is this important? New consumers are no longer persuaded by the same things as before, but rather they need to feel an important part of the brand, be attracted through emotions and empathy. There are already many companies that have understood that it is better to conquer the customer with quality content and valuable experiences and they are precisely the ones that have made the difference and achieved success.

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The main objective of branded content created by a company is to convey a. Memorable experience to its users in favor of trust and attraction and not to communicate. The benefits of a product or service. According to the results of the fourth. Edition of the content scope study (2019) , 9 out of 10 companies carry out. Branded content efforts , investment growth in this area is 41% and 29.7% consider it very important. To carry out branded content activities and 38.6% see it as quite important.

Differences Of Branded Lebanon Phone Number Content

These results show two things: first, the growing trend in the use of. Valuable content with the aim of generating branding for companies and second, that. It is time to include it in your own positioning strategy if you want to. Continue being part of the competition. Differences of branded content with advertising. Although branded content marketing and advertising coexist with the same objective of. Attracting the public, they present their well-marked differences in terms of times and forms.

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