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  1. Social video and images are the most VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists dominant engagement tools on mobile and desktop, alike. In order of time spent: Facebook >Snapchat > Instagram > Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter > Vine, LinkedIn
  2. The post millennial generation (born after 1995) prefers to communicate with images rather than text and toggles between more screens.
  3. Facebook owned apps dominate image sharing and account for two-thirds of the 3 billion+ photos shared daily. The biggest image sharing platforms are Snapchat and WhatsApp with 1B+ images shared daily.
  4. With increasing bandwidth, videos are the new drivers of time-spent. Snapchat is reporting 10B video views/day vs 8B video views by Facebook.
  5. Sponsored Snapchat filters are becoming increasingly popular and yielding 70M+ user views per month.
  6. Live social broadcasts of s is trending upwards in 2016. More viewers watched the MTV music awards on Snapchat than TV.

The Emergence of Voice

VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists

  1. Almost 20% of all searches in the United States are done via voice, and in China, the number stands at 10%. By 2020, 50%+ of all searches will be voice initiated. The 3 most used voice commands are: Navigate Home, Call Mom and Call Dad.
  2. Voice isn’t just used for input but output is desired as well. Baidu reported a 26X increase in API calls to it’s ‘text to speech’ API in the last 2 years.
  3. Amazon’s voice platform, Echo, sold more than 1 million units in Q1 2016 alone.

Voice commands is a paradigm shift creating a crevice for new businesses to creep in to dethrone incumbents. Think of the apps that can benefit from a 10X improvement in user experiences by using voice as an input/output medium.

Messengers Transform

  1. The biggest messenger apps are Whatsapp (1B+), Facebook Messenger (800M+) and WeChat (~700M). WeChat leads the way for businesses adopting messengers to drive customer loyalty and mobile commerce.
  2. Consumers can now book cabs, make/split payments, send gifts, interact with businesses, update social media, order online, and much more with messengers in China.
  3. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are adding features to make messengers the platform for all services and transactions. This will make them

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