Argentina WhatsApp Number ListThis is a weird time to talk about Argentina WhatsApp Number List marketing automation.

If you spend time Argentina WhatsApp Number List on social media. Thus, you’re probably fed up with the plague of misinformation bots that cluster around any important conversation.

Then we found out that companies like Cambridge Analytica had put their slimy hands on our data by taking advantage of our goofy cousin, the one who still isn’t too savvy about the purpose behind that What Kind of Cheese Am I quiz.

Just to add to the fun, we have the GDPR, a well-meaning law that has sown more than its share of chaos and confusion.

So here I am, wading into the middle of all of this noise to talk about automation, and why it isn’t what we think it is.

I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think it was important. And here’s why.

Terminator is the dominant myth of our time

I would argue that the story with the lion’s share of our cultural attention right now is James Cameron’s invention, the Terminator — that relentless, smart cyborg serving the needs of an all-powerful Skynet.

We made the machines so smart that they realized they’d be better off without us.

That new incarnation of the Frankenstein myth is the underlying Big Idea of our culture today. How many of your friends have shared those videos of robots figuring out how to get out of their labs? Or the story about Amazon’s Alexa listening in on conversations?

Manufacturing jobs have become rarer than good Adam Sandler movies. And where did those jobs go? Increasingly … to robots.

We continue to automate and automate, even when it seems like it really might be counter to our best interests.

And then we hear about this “marketing automation” thing, and it feels like a great place to bar the door.

“Nope. Not this one. We’ve already gone too far with this.”

But I think that would be a mistake.

The word “automation” is too broad

Is it “marketing automation” if you use a service to send out your email newsletter? After all, in the olden days, businesses used to have to print up pieces of paper and send them to you in the mail. Now, we just enter some messages in a system and, poof, they wind up in our audience’s inboxes.

Let me be clear: I am the first person to whine about my crowded email inbox. Until I get a coupon for my favorite pricey sunscreen. Then I’m very happy to click and order.

If we have a problem with the concept of marketing automation, then we probably have a problem with the idea of digital business. The ebooks we sell, the tutorial videos we publish, the blog posts and infographics and podcasts, all rely on automation to deliver messages to our audiences.

And that doesn’t seem creepy — at least not to me. Probably not to you either, if you read this blog.

Okay, so maybe the problematic automation is the Cambridge Analytica kind. What I call strip mining privacy. Being shady, creepy, and unethical about how you get your hands on personal information, and what you do with it.

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