Australia WhatsApp Number ListOn Monday, I unveiled our new Australia WhatsApp Number List book club. We’ve been having a great time working through Ursula Le Guin’s Steering the Craft, and we’d love to have you with us!

On Tuesday, webinar “gun for hire” Tim Paige swung by the blog to talk about one of the things that can make webinars so awkward — that creepy tension that builds while you’re waiting to find out what the presenter is trying to sell. Tim has a surprisingly simple solution … as well as a brand-new course he’s going to be teaching with Copyblogger on persuasive presentations.

 I talked a bit about ethical

Effective ways we can use Australia WhatsApp Number List to promote our businesses. And I touched on a few key points I’ve learned from Tim about how to keep things graceful.

I also let you know about a workshop we’re going to be holding next week, on Tuesday, May 15 at 12:00 Noon Eastern U.S. Time, all about how to structure a webinar so you can maintain a great relationship with your audience and sell your product or service to the right folks.

Over on Copyblogger FM, to continue our theme of non-gross selling, I passed on a few negative lessons I experienced recently while buying a used car. (Unfortunately, some used car sales folks actually do live up to the stereotype!) And, of course, I talked about how I think we can do a better job — respect customers and get business.

And on Site Success, Sean Jackson and Copyblogger’s founder, Brian Clark, talked about key principles for writing powerhouse headlines.

I hope you can join us for next week’s workshop!

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