This month, a lot of my investments from throughout this year have started to pay off (which feels great 💪) Overall, I generated $10,650.91 in side income revenue during July of 2018. On the personal side of things, Shelly & I are finally starting to look at places in San Macedonia Email Lists Francisco, and we’re expecting to make the move up to the city (from our short-term place in sleepy Palo Alto) by the end of August. Side income was up significantly in July, and that extra bump above the past few months revenue translated into a net profit of $3,235.05 for July—and that’s accounting for a pretty sizable estimated tax payment I also paid to the IRS in July.

Side Income Report July 2018

Why the significant lift in side income? Most prominently, my billings for a new(ish) freelance client finally hit my books in July. So my side income shouldn’t be dipping below this level for at least the next few months. On top of just that new freelance client’s revenue propping up Macedonia Email Lists my revenue, July also saw a meaningful lift in both affiliate income across the board and from the ad network I use for tasteful placements on my blog (Carbon Ads).

Macedonia Email Lists

Side Income Breakdown For July 2018

With August’s side income report will come the start of a brand new income source that’s shaping up to be massive for me. I’ve been working very hard to promote and build traffic for my Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog and the free 7-day blogging course I recently released. Macedonia Email Lists Over 2,600 people have already gone through the course with more than 100+ of you already launching your own blogs (!!!). Amazing results so far. The positive response to the guide and course have been overwhelming. And from a revenue perspective, after launching these two initiatives,

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