Now, don’t get us wrong, it’s an important step in the right direction, but any PPC expert worth their salt must be constantly on the lookout for ways in which to improve their Google Shopping Ads.

How you optimize your Google Shopping Ads is invaluable to the success of your campaign, and when handled by an expert for instance, you have more of a chance of increasing sales and maximizing your budget.

So, here are some of the best, most tried-and-tested ways to improve your Google Shopping Ads – as used by some of the world’s leading Google Ads specialists.

1.  Optimize Your Product Feed

The first step to improving your Google Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number Shopping Ads is to optimize your product feed. In short, this is where Google harnesses its data for your products and displays your ads accordingly.

In fact, the easier you make it for Google to ‘read’ and scan the information about your products, the more chance you have of showing up in front of the right customers. Some ‘easy wins,’ so to speak, come in the form of improving your images, and product titles, and including your prices in your ad copy.

In doing so, you instantly increase your chances of piquing a customer’s interest.

Indeed, if you’re new to optimizing your data feed, improving any of the above assets is a surefire way to improve your Google Shopping Ads without the help of an expensive Google Ads agency.

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2.  Concentrate on Your Most Profitable Products

Concentrate on marketing your most profitable products by excluding your unprofitable ones from your campaign. You can do this by adjusting your bids and denoting these products as ‘excluded.’

Excluding certain products can also be seasonal. If you have a bunch of summer products, it’s probably safe to say that they’re not going to be your most profitable items during the winter, so you’d very much benefit from excluding these products from your ad plan.

Furthermore, it’s also important to exclude products from your rosta when they’re out of stock or are only available in an uncommon size or color.

Indeed, most experienced Google Ads consultants believe wholeheartedly in positively excluding products from your ad rosta.

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