shock! More than 80% of Taiwanese children do not consume enough fresh milk daily recommended amount ! Ruisui Fresh Milk, which cares about children’s development, calls on parents to establish the correct concept of “two servings of milk a day, supplementing calcium” with three actions, so that children can grow up healthily. Wu Zhixing, an attending physician in the Department of Family Medicine of Chengda University, said that the school-age period is an important period for children’s growth and development. Fresh milk contains calcium and high-quality protein, which can help maintain normal bone development and healthy teeth. It is indispensable in the growth process of children. drinks.

Parents should pay attention! Survey: Insufficient calcium intake, fresh milk does not reach the daily recommended amount

According to nearly 100% of Taiwanese children Nepal Phone Number suffer from insufficient calcium intake. The latest survey also found that children’s fresh. Milk consumption rate is not good. Which is worrying.Aand the calcium deficiency may not improve. Not only that, but also parents have incorrect understanding of the nutrition of fresh milk, so they do not let their children drink fresh milk every day, showing that the concept needs further education. If parents are busy with work and have no time to prepare milk for their children, they can choose to buy ready-to-drink fresh milk from supermarkets. Be sure to allow children to consume two servings of milk every day. One milk is about 240ml, which is about a bottle of ready-to-drink packaging. The amount of fresh milk, and parents do not know how to choose fresh milk, can choose the fresh milk that carefully checks and has the fresh milk label to help children grow up healthily.

Take care of children! Three major actions of Ruisui Fresh Milk support “two servings of milk a day for calcium supplementation”

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In response to this situation, Ruisui Fresh Milk takes three actions to care for children, and appeals to parents to pay attention to the complete nutritional intake of children. Establish a correct concept of fresh milk. Drinking From now on. The box of Mizuho Fresh Milk series will be post with “Two servings of milk daily.Ffor calcium supplementation on school-age. Children to take two servings of milk. A day to supplement calcium.A Calcium supplementation is more conducive to growthIn. Addition to adequate calcium intake. Children also need a good night’s sleep. And help their growth through exercise and 10-20 minutes of sun exposure every day. Encourage children to increase the frequency of drinking fresh milk.Super Deals! From now until February 14, 7-eleven Ruisui Fresh Milk 930ml plus 230ml in the whole province, the nutrition price is 95 yuan.

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