Demonstrate & Appeal

It may not need to be said, but your hero image Chief VP Compliance Email Lists should accurately represent what you intend to sell. Selling specialty umbrellas? A nice picture of umbrellas keeping people dry on a rainy day would be great! But probably not a sunny beach with an umbrella-cocktail. The image can also advertise a sale or slogan—but keep the text to a minimum! A picture is worth 1000 words, so make sure any additional words are straight to the point.

Chief VP Compliance Email Lists

Keep in mind that captions under images are read, on average, 300% more than body copy. That’s insane! Ensuring that caption is accurate, targeted and matches the hero image is SO important!

Hero banners are really popular—like the one below from the Dollar Shave Club. Its high-quality imagery paired with simple text and a call to action.

But hero images definitely don’t need to be banners! Michael Soriano has some good tips on how to finagle copy, your imagery, and CTA in his post “Ultimate Guide to Stunning Hero Images”.

Testing, Testing
Like anything you add to your marketing repertoire, remember to test and optimize! At WordStream, the team is always testing to make sure the site is running on all cylinders which include running homepage tests.


Hero Image Test

A while back, we tested a version of our home page that featured a hero image we dubbed “Rocket Kid.” We loved the idea of this new hero image and hoped it would have an immediate impact.

We were wrong, though! The homepage hero image test above ran for 15 days, with Homepage B showing a stronger conversion rate. It surprised most of us—check out that high-quality photograph with the adorable kid in Homepage A! This is just one example of many, many tests that we run. You won’t know what works best with your specific audience until you test!

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