The best way to communicate your thoughts and message these days is through storytelling and using visuals.

Videos and graphics can be wonderful tools to tell your story and you can use it on both your blog and social media channels.

You can easily achieve your business goals using this compelling and captivating technique. Featured images and infographics are quite popular and brands are frequently using them for content marketing.

Here are some useful facts about visual content:

Around 50% digital marketers agree that visuals are very important when it comes to content marketing strategies
Visual content receives almost 100% more views than content without images
More than 75% content strategists are determined to produce more engaging content in 2016.
Around 50% marketers are focused on creating visual content this year
For majority of marketers, the priority is in this order: A. Blog B. Visual content C. Videos
The Art of Storytelling: A Techmagnate InfographicHere is an interesting and informative infographic that will explain how you can introduce the element of storytelling in your content.

Tip: Try to make maximum use of Google+ and YouTube, i.e. the Google properties. This will add to the visibility of your content. Make storytelling, videos and pictures an integral part pf your content.

You can also have a video channel that you can use as your mouthpiece. You can provide links to your popular videos on your blog and website.

4. Go for Personalized Marketing
You need effective targeting for a successful marketing campaign and personalized marketing is the only way out. Just like 3600 marketing approach, your content should also target different buyer personas and their specific needs.

Tips to Design a Strategy for Successful Founder Email Lists Digital Marketing in 2016

Founder Email Lists

What are the buyers keen on in the digital space?

They look for the content that is tailored specifically to match their needs.

Make sure you target these personas through your content, while you’re armed with data and research.

As emphasized above data-driven marketing strategy yields better results and ROI.

Offer your audience some personalized experience.

And this applies to all the content being distributed on different channels.

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