Those clickable numbers, by the way, are Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists called “ad extensions.” They’re not the only types of ad extensions that you’ll find to be valuable in your mobile advertising strategy. You can also include a location extension that will enable people to map your address right away and even get directions to your place of business.

There are also offer extensions that people can click to receive a special discount

Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists

Usually, they’ll appear with a “View Offer” clickable text next to some detailed description about the offer, such as: “Receive 50% off of your first visit.” Users can print out the offer and use it like a coupon at some point in the future.

Finally, there are app extensions that offer users a link to the app page, where they can download the app. If you’re offering any kind of app in connection with your business, you should include an app extension in your ad so that people in your target market can easily download and install it.

Another great strategy in mobile advertising, and one that’s likely to put you ahead of the competition, is to run video ads. Yes, video ads work particularly well on a mobile platform because video ads work well everywhere. Just consider these stats from HubSpot:


Google will also be offering a “Buy” button to e-tailers soon. As of now, it’s in limited release. When it’s finally made available to the larger business community, though, it’s likely to be the next big game-changer for e-commerce marketers. That’s because the “Buy” button will appear next to the search listing, so searchers won’t even have to leave the SERPs to make the purchase.

Don’t neglect to follow many of the same  so well for desktop and laptop users. For example, if you found that you were doing well with highly targeted keywords (e.g., “little black dress size 6”), continue doing that when it comes to mobile marketing. Also, pay attention to your bids and don’t be afraid to max them out. Keep an eye on your Quality Score as well so that you can be sure that your ads are getting maximum exposure.

Embrace Mobile

There’s no doubt that a sound online marketing strategy at this point must include mobile marketing. If you haven’t embraced the mobile revolution and your sales are lackluster, consider restructuring your promotions with more of an emphasis on mobile. You’ll likely find that it’s a worthwhile investment.

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