We cover a couple of routes to hipaa compliance when considering data points such as these in the rest of the post. Image representing data personalization choosing the best route to compliance we recommend two possible approaches to achieving hipaa compliance for your optimization tool of choice. Which will depend on a few factors. You can start to explore personalized onsite experiences such as: updating site copy and calls-to-action (ctas) to encourage users to take desired actions.

For example. Creating accounts if they’ve never created one before. Booking in-person/video appointments online if they’re known to be patients and have never booked online before. Re-ordering prescriptions when it’s expected that their previous What types of audience segments it makes sense to bucket your prescription is low. Etc. Tying onsite interactions to follow up email marketing. Users into based off of user types and their expected onsite goals.

User Starts Trying

For example: if a  to schedule an Ivory Coast Phone Number appointment online. But does not complete the appointment setup. Automatically send them an email recommending options to finalize their appointment. “closing the loop” for users who’ve received email marketing campaigns. For example. And what are the overall objectives for your site. If users are in the audience that received an email campaign with a specific goal in mind (i.e.. Review your latest test results online).

Ivory Coast Phone Number

Thereby ensuring the user is consistently being informed of all healthcare priorities and opportunities rather than just the one. There’s a wide range of personalization options for healthcare providers. And the above is only a small set of standard examples. If personalization isn’t something you are actively working on or considering yet. Then as you read the rest of the post. It’s worth considering: what data you have available about users.

Then Update The Site

To recommend they complete this action whether they visit the site via an email link or not. Using the example of users who have test results to review. Via personalization we can update site banners or other site copy to direct users to their test results whenever they next visit the site. Even if they don’t click on the actual link they received in the email. Rotating copy and content in primary communication spots on your site.

For example. The homepage banner. Based on what content users have interacted with in the past. Currently. A lot of sites give the primary communication spots to covid-19 updates. Such as details on symptoms or how to get tested. If a user has already clicked on this content before. There’s no need to promote it to them on every visit. You can personalize the user’s experience by rotating the communications you show them. For example. The next time they visit. Highlight how to book a doctor’s appointment by video rather than covid-19 information.


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