Facebook Ads are not just for B2C marketers

While the various targeting options can delve into the personal, they can also delve into the professional,

e.g., using employer, job title, or industry demographic options to hone targeting. The work and financial categories of targeting can help businesses

targeting fellow business owners and working professionals. Advertising on Facebook keeps a B2B brand top of mind just as much as it does a B2C brand,

making Facebook Ads another place to find inbound leads and sales.

It’s important that Facebook ads are kept fresh. People are checking their Facebook for news and social updates, not for evergreen content. This means that your ads should regularly switch up their style and messaging or they will bore users.

On the other hand, ads are great for building CIO & CTO Email List brand awareness or sending a certain message because users are likely to spend a lot of their time on Facebook. This is similar to the Google Display Network, where a business may not expect as many direct conversions as AdWords, or search results ads. Just make sure that Facebook ads lifetimes aren’t prolonged into irrelevance.

Facebook users will generally be higher in the purchasing funnel when compared to searchers entering terms on a search engine. This contributes to the lower expected conversions for Facebook users.

However, Facebook is a fantastic platform

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for remarketing. Because there is so much information available on Facebook, a business can create extremely customized and relevant advertisements for past visitors of their website. The features mentioned above aid in the creation of these ads, and lookalike audiences can even help combat the lower conversion values as a business uses known-to-convert target audiences to create lookalikes.

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