We’d like to continue to stress the laser-targeted CEO Email Addresses argeting of Facebook, but there are other neat features as well:

Promoting and Boosting Content
There are two different ways to pay for increased content traffic, boosting and promoting. These methods effectively turn your social content into advertisements.

Boosting content is the fast-track method. Any post you make on your business page can be boosted with the simple click of a button on the lower right corner of the post. Once clicked, you can select your target audiences and determine your budget.

boosting a facebook ppc post

CEO Email Addresses

We recommend boosting content that is helpful to your target audience. Generally, this should be content that links back to your website. Boosting is less about clicks and more about increasing the reach of the post.

A boost can get a good piece of content extra exposure, strengthening your brand’s presence on Facebook.

The second method is promoting your content. This involves using the Facebook Ads manager to pay to have your post appear in targeted

news feeds. Promoted posts have more access to targeting, pricing, and bidding options. Promoting a post is a more structured way of increasing your content’s exposure on Facebook, and is better for long term strategies.

promoting facebook ppc
There is also a “dark post” feature which allows a business to create promoted posts out of content that isn’t actually on a business’s Facebook page. This is handy for testing as you won’t have to barrage your fans with variations of the same content, but can still have promoted posts running against each other. They’re also helpful for fixing mistakes in past posts that you don’t want to delete and repost just for promotion.

Right Column Ads:


These are the advertisements that appear in the right column of the Facebook desktop browser. Advertisements here use compelling images and videos to encourage target audiences to engage, and text grabs the interest of anyone who wants more info about what is being advertised.


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