Influencer marketing is a modern promotion strategy in which brands create collaborative links with people of high prominence online so that they publicize and recommend their products and services in exchange for certain considerations. Who are considered influencers? Users of social networks with a certain number of followers who have a large presence on the Internet and who, above all, have earned the trust of their audience through interesting, quality or creative content to form authentic virtual communities. In general, influencers are people with high communication skills and a lot of charisma who interact closely with their followers and who can influence their personal opinions, preferences and perceptions.

If you want to develop influencer marketing campaigns, in this article you will find the best practices to design and carry them out successfully. Influencer Marketing: Define a strategy for your campaign A well -executed influencer marketing Lithuania phone number can significantly increase traffic from social media to your business website, and this, in turn, translates into conversions. These campaigns have the potential to increase visibility and brand recognition, and build user trust in the company. Likewise, you will achieve a closer link with the target you are targeting as long as, of course, the actions are correctly oriented. There are, among others, two main types of campaigns that you can carry out with influencers: Promote ambassadors who carry out constant work with the brand.

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Specific and occasional campaigns such as, for example, the launch of a product. To choose the type of campaign, you must first define your objectives. If you establish clear and specific goals, you will be able to direct marketing actions efficiently. Through influencer marketing you can: Work on branding. Increase web traffic. Promote the sales of a product or service, among others. In all cases, an analysis of the market is necessary to be precise about the target audience you want to address and carry out a kind of “research” on the influencers until you find the one that best represents the audience you want to reach.

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In this sense, the identification of the buyer persona and its detailed construction are the best radar to find the influencer that best suits your marketing strategy. Shall we continue? Influencers or micro-influencers? As we said, influencers are users who stand out on social networks like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook; or on video platforms like YouTube; or streaming like Twitch. In certain cases, they can have up to more than a million followers. A microinfluencer does not differ in essence from an influencer other than the number of followers.

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And in this there is a key fact: associating with the wrong influencer can. Come face to face with all the effort of your company. So, perhaps the number of followers does not count so much, but what is the profile of the people that. Make up that group. In campaigns with a specific theme, such as healthy food or nutrition, to name a few, betting. On micro-influencers can make a difference. According to influencer marketing hub , micro-influencers are users. Who have a reach of between 1,000 and 100,000 followers on their profiles, compared. To the million followers that a macro-influencer can have. Campaigns with macro influencers have been with us for a long time.

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