Beyond the Obvious

The Chinese internet market reached 668 Million users (growing at 6%,). Chinese tech companies already form 7 out of top 20 tech companies in the world. 10 years ago this number was 0.
Tech is mainstream now. Combined the top 20 tech firms are valued at over $2.7 trillion, have cash reserves of almost $450 billion, and revenues of more than $550 billion.

Tech companies are growing faster than VP Communications Officer Email Lists ever. Slack is growing revenues 2X as fast as Salesforce. Uber and Offer-up reached $10 billion in gross sales in record time and JD reached $50 billion GMV, five years sooner than Amazon.


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A lot of non-tech companies are now acquiring or investing in tech companies. $28 billion was spent by non-tech companies to acquire tech companies in 2015 alone.

We have gone from 1 billion

petabytes of data in the digital universe to almost 10 billion in 6 years. While data costs have come down from 20 cents per GB of storage to 5 cents per GB. We have seen big data breaches in the last 2–3 years, with the most recent one on LinkedIn,

even affecting Mark Zuckerberg. More than 4 billion data records been breached since 2013. Users are taking data lot more seriously with 74% of users saying they might limit online activity if they have security concerns.


If there is one overriding theme for the Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report, it’s that mobile promises to be the first tool to connect all of mankind and democratize access to information and services. 2 billion users have been added to mobile internet in the last

5 years, and the next 5 years will likely see 2 billion more. We are in the infancy of mobile ecosystem and it’s time for all to care about their role in it.


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