After reviewing a report with findings from more than 2,000 referral programs and over 100,000 customer referrals, all the stats about referral marketing are proven to be true. Putting the power of word of mouth referrals back in your hands, referral programs offer businesses so much more than just a customer acquisition channel.

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Referral programs to be the fastest-growing marketing channel, find out why referred customers buy sooner, spend more and stay longer. Instant Customer Iran Phone Number Trust Every day your customers are talking about your business, brand, or products to their friends. Of these conversations, up to 88% of referred friends are more likely to trust you because of the credibility passed on through word-of-mouth recommendations.

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Relationships are based on trust. And, the fastest way to gain customer trust is through referrals. Throw in a reward every time a customer refers a qualified lead and you have a winning recipe for referral marketing success. Easy To Use Referral Software Now anyone, anywhere can run a referral program using plug-and-play referral software. No code referral software offers an easy-to-use solution to build, launch and manage your referral program.



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