When you start a business, you always expect it to be profitable. To achieve this, we must base ourselves on the premise of always recovering the investment. Most importantly, In turn, the time it takes to recover the money invested is essential to determine the profitability and risks of the undertaking. When it comes to acquiring customers, especially in companies with a SaaS model, a certain amount of money is, which can then through a metric called Customer Acquisition Cost «CAC». CAC is the total cost of the marketing and sales efforts it takes to acquire a customer. The CAC payback time, called “CAC Payback”, determines the amount of time that must elapse to generate the necessary earnings to offset the initial expense of acquiring new customers.

In this article you will find the benefits of working on your projects taking this metric into account and you will learn all the formulas to calculate the CAC recovery time. Most importantly, In this way, you will get a broader picture of the profitability of your business. To acquire a customer.” what is payback or recovery period? The cac payback or payback period is Paraguay phone number time it takes for a company to recover the cost. Of acquiring a customer. For example: if it takes $350 to acquire a customer, but your contribution generates. $25 a month or $300 a year, then the payback period would be 13.9 months.

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Over time, the customer pays more of their cost of acquisition through monthly subscription payments. For SaaS companies, calculating this value helps to know how much money is needed before making a profit. The shorter the payback period, the more profitable the company will be. Most importantly, Reducing CAC recovery time also helps lower the cost of customer acquisition, which is completely lost when customers churn. Why is it important to calculate the CAC Payback Period? The recovery period allows determining the effectiveness of the acquisition strategies that are being out. The shorter this period, the more financially efficient the acquisition methods will be.

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Acquiring different types of customers can affect your finances if you don’t fully understand how long it will take to earn back your investment. This period of time also allows us to know how sustainable the long-term strategies are. The faster the recovery method, the faster you will have money to reinvest. “The CAC Payback or recovery period is the time it takes for a company to recover the cost of acquiring a customer.” When you have longer than ideal recovery periods, you will need to make improvements to the aspects that affect quick recovery. Most importantly, The duration of the CAC Payback is by the following factors: Customer acquisition costs «CAC». Subscription-based companies take the risk of paying the cost up front and replenishing it as the customer pays over time. The higher the CAC at startup, the longer it will take to pay back your investment.

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Customer monetization. The type of payment plan that is for customers also influences the length of the payback period. Moreover, You can charge a flat fee, create individualized plans, or scale prices. By improving these factors, it will be faster to recover CAC and have cash flow to reinvest and continue growing. The CAC Payback allows you to know how much cash a company needs before making a profit. It is an excellent measure of financial efficiency for SaaS companies. Most importantly, Average Payback Period in a SaaS SaaS companies are currently to have a CAC payback period of approximately 5-12 months. The most efficient companies are closer to 5 months or even less.

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