When was the last time you asked

someone for a bit of change and more importantly Finance Directors Email Lists when was the last time you were successful in gaining some? What do you need it for anyway? Bus fare? Restaurant tips? Chipping in for colleague’s birthdays and leaving gifts? Not having change in your back pocket is a defining dilemma of the 21st century.

As shoppers increasingly move to contactless payments, retailers must ensure their mobile offers are appealing to their most devoted customers.


Finance Directors Email Lists
We know that online shopping is a force to be reckoned with. In the UK £114 billion was spent online in 2015 with Black Friday and Christmas shopping contributing £24.4 billion to this figure. The same can be said for Ireland too whose consumers are now spending €850,000 an hour online.

Undeniably, 2015 truly was the year the shopper went mobile. Mobile took over the retail world and especially in the UK where the average shopper would spend £981 through mobile transactions. That’s more than the US and other countries in Europe.

So how can you reach these elusive customers when they’re not in your store?… The Text Message.

The Offer

There are many ways to obtain a good,

solid customer database but we always find that curating your own will provide you with the best response rate. A little subscription button or text in to subscribe notification on your website, in store or on flyers is a guaranteed way of encouraging customers who are already interested in your products to sign up to your SMS marketing campaign but a little incentive can always give an extra boost.

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