He argues that we should take this issue much more seriously than we have so far. People and organizations that use technologies such as big data, AI and (political Qatar WhatsApp Number List microtargeting and combine this with expert knowledge about psychology and psychometrics can achieve a lot – even “devouring human autonomy”.

A strong statement

Our Digital Ecosystem and Business Responsibilities However. We could just as well say that marketers and the business. Community also have a responsibility for the storm of fake news that we experience as a society. After all, companies are the paying customers that have contributed to the creation.

Maintenance of our current digital

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I therefore, ask the professor whether he sees a responsibility or a role for companies in the fight against misinformation and manipulation. artificial intelligence An unfair advantage Van den Hoven’s main concern is the following: there is and remains a very skewed structure of knowledge around persuasion and influence, and the use of technology in this regard. Both politicians and corporations know much more about.

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