Executing a marketing plan capable of returning the results you expect depends on many actions. Which together or separately are key to making you earn money in the. Medium and long term. One of those many resources is. The white paper , a technical document that was born from another branch. But that has developed a very important role in marketing. We often confuse the white paper with an ebook. And the truth is that there are notable differences between one format and another. Today we tell you everything you need to know to make it.

At the end of the post you will know: What is a White Paper? Differences with the eBook. Who reads a technical document? The structure that it should carry; that is, how to prepare a white paper. Some good examples of White Paper. Let’s start Iceland phone number you answers. What is a white paper or white book? How does a white paper help in marketing? Photo by Lukas from Pexels It is a technical document made with the intention of informing the reader about a specific topic . In it there may be a combination of expert level knowledge and deep research that bets on a solution or recommendation in a specific way.

What Is A White Paper Or White Book?

[Tweet “A White Paper is a combination of expert level knowledge and deep research”] White Papers, due to their investigative and technical sense, allow readers to understand the root of a problem and its solution . Previously, white papers were political documents used to explain actions and methodologies to encourage public comment. Within the field of technology, the White Paper is used to explain the theory that led to the creation of a new product or technological solution. That is to say, in different fields these documents have always been used to cover a subject in a technical way, and as such they have their audience. The White Paper for marketing has meant the opportunity to educate our potential clients, in addition to helping us to inform and persuade based on facts and real tests.

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Differences between a white paper and an eBook Photo by picjumbo.com from Pexels Apparently there can be no differences between one and the other, until we have to read the concept of each one. An eBook is a simpler material to make, it usually uses a simple language and tone, simple, not technical at all. Making an eBook can take a few days, weeks, etc. However, due to the complexity of a white paper, its preparation can even take months. And that is exactly what it is all about, to substantiate all the information that is being included in the material through research.

Differences Between A White Paper And An Ebook

There are other more notable differences between one and the other, for example. The white paper is more extensive and technical an ebook can be of the “how to” type. For example: “how to migrate multiple email accounts to office 365”. While a technical document goes beyond explaining how to do it. But through technical fundamentals it explains “Why migrating. Multiple email accounts to office 365” is the best solution;In addition, it is based on research to give more weight to the document. The white paper is perishable An eBook can be based on evergreen content; that is, non-perishable content.

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