Google Keyword Planner, with this you can not only see what the average monthly search volume is; it is also a useful tool for finding new keywords. This tool gives you an indication of the average monthly search volume and the difficulty of the competition.
Google Trends is another useful search engine tool. You can use Benin Phone Number this tool to see how the popularity of specific keywords has changed over time. You can also compare two similar keywords so that you know which of the two is best for you.
Google Search Console , makes it possible to analyze historical data from your own website. This way you will find out which searches the visitors of your website used to reach your site. You can find this data under the ‘Performance’ submenu.
Now that you know which keywords are important to your business, you can move on with your SEO analysis and investigate which other companies are ranking for those specific keywords as well. Those companies are your SEO competitors.

Keyword gap analysis

Advanced SEO tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs allow you to perform a keyword gap analysis. In this tool you enter the website URLs of your main competitors. The tool then analyzes the keywords used on your competitors’ websites and compares them with the keywords on which you are found. The results can help you find inspiration for future blog posts or pages:

Weak: Keywords for which it ranks your site lower than any of the other competitors listed.
Untapped: Keywords for which your site has no rankings, but at least one of the other registered competitors does.
2. Research your competitors’ content
You can use the information from this analysis to optimize the content of your own website. Which competitor’s content is driving a lot of traffic to their website? You can find out by making research into the content part of your SEO analysis. This can concern the content on your web pages, but also the ideas for a new blog post, for example.

Start the content analysis on the competitor’s pages that rank best for your focus keywords. First look at the page title and meta descriptions : is the focus keyword included? Then take a look at the content on those pages: how are the pages structured? What titles do they have? How long are the lyrics?

Relevant criteria to take into account are.

Benin Phone Numbers

Titles and intertitles

Analyzing these parts will give you a better idea of ​​what it takes to score well for your focus keywords.

3. Analyze the link profiles
Another important part of the SEO analysis is a backlink analysis. In this you evaluate the quality and quantity of the external links that point to your competitor’s website. The amount of links is important; but that has less influence than the quality. A link is of high quality if it comes from a relevant and authoritative website.

The number of words and length of the article.
Use of visuals: images, videos, infographics,
The page title and meta description.
writing style.
Presence of structured data.

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