In barely five years, platforms such as Rakuten TV. Or filmin know practically everything about the tastes. And consumption habits of their ever-growing audiences. All this has meant that many traditional brands. Have not been able to realize the threat. That the irruption of new digital brands really represented. Until for many it was already too late, having already lost the recognition of the majority of their consumers and a good part of its market share. At that point, everything is rushed. All our attention to the data But if I had to highlight one of the four factors mentioned, I would bet without hesitation on the data.

It is above all their enormous capacity to collect

It is above all their enormous capacity to collect consumer data in a friendly way, and knowing how to exploit it to improve the user experience Photo Background Removing and the offer, which makes digital brands really different and powerful. It is no coincidence that in all of them the platform and the digital interface are essential, and that it is the so-called user experience that makes the big difference with traditional brands. Therefore, whatever our business, we would do well to give our full attention to data and its management. Data that always have the user and consumer as the main subject. And as an ultimate goal to improve your experience of use and consumption. Whatever our business, we would do well to pay full attention to data and its management to improve the user experience.

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Every era has always had an epicenter around

Every era has always had an epicenter around which practically everything revolves: society, the economy, politics, culture. In the Middle Ages that Executive List epicenter was God. In the Renaissance it was Man. And in the Enlightenment Science. In the Industrial era it has been Work. Well, in this “new” digital era that we are experiencing, the great protagonist of this epicenter is Data. A revolving door for brands The vast majority of sectors are actually like revolving doors and will not go away. . They will continue to exist. But the data is making those doors turn on themselves at an ever faster rate. And only the brands that know how to accommodate this information whirlwind and truly integrate the data into their business and use it with the consumer in mind.

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