dive interview expert round up ‘Qualified visitors’ pull out their wallets Know who you are writing for; write for the potential customer. Blog readers only come Spain WhatsApp Number List to get information and look for answers, but qualified visitors go through your entire site and pull their wallets for your product or service. A great resource for a blog.

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you themselves. Collect them in your inbox, including the answers you give to them. They are your source for the selection of new topics. ‘ Turn your daily mail into high-ranking content .’ Are your visitor’s people who come to your site through a search? That gives 300 percent more chance of conversion than visitors who end up on.

Your site via social media

Spain WhatsApp Number List

, Crestodina explains on the basis of a Google Analytics dashboard. Eighty percent of searches are informational, ten percent are transactional and ten percent are navigation related. Guest blogging: lots of links and real connections The speaker elaborates on the importance of images and quotes. They greatly enhance the impact of your content.

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