Do you suspect that your partner may be cheating? Before approaching him or her you need to get your hands on some valid proof. The only way to know for sure is to take a look at phone records. You may not have the necessary expenses to hire a private investigator so take this into consideration. One of the most inexpensive ways to collect information is by using phone records.

On Your Bill You Need to Check Cellphone Number

Many cheaters use their personal cell phone to get into contact Kenya Phone Number List with their lover because they think it is safer than a land line. What they may not know is that cell phone providers keep detailed records through call logs. The phone number and the dates and times of all calls are recorded.

If you are suspicious and have access to his or her phone, check the logs frequently when he or she is busy with something else. Take note of recurrent names or numbers that you are not familiar with in both the incoming and outgoing lists. If there are frequent calls in both logs, there is a good chance that they are cheating. You should also take a look at text and picture messages if you get the chance. Maybe he or she neglected to delete some because if there are a lot, it can take a while.

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