Opportunity management and determining exactly what my time management system should be, has been particularly relevant to me since quitting my full-time job this month. It’s almost comical actually. I thought that quitting my day job to focus on growing my blog and Bulgaria Phone Number List freelance business would instantly unlock a ton of time for me to pursue my business goals without distraction. I’ll be the first to admit: I was very wrong.

Opportunity Management How To Decide

With an overwhelming amount of exciting work for my freelance business, my rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs reading my blog and engaging with me, offers to interview on podcasts, write guest posts, teach workshops, present at summits, and more… I’ve had to develop a very strict system for managing opportunities that come my way. Not to mention learning how to Bulgaria Phone Number List effectively prioritize those inbound opportunities with my own internal projects and business goals. If I’m not careful, it’d be easy to spend all of my time simply managing opportunities that come my way and never complete any of my biggest personal projects.

Bulgaria Phone Number List

Decide What To Spend Your Time On

Let me be clear: I don’t share any of this to brag, I’m really not that cool and that’s not what’s important here. I’m writing about this because opportunity management is a major struggle for entrepreneurs in every stage of the journey. From searching for that profitable business idea all the way through to generating millions in revenue per year, how you choose to spend your time Bulgaria Phone Number List will determine how successful you become. The first question I got from a friend while I was talking through the outline of this post was, “what is opportunity management?” So, let’s start by defining what opportunity management is (in an entrepreneurial context), what it isn’t and how it differs from time management.

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