As well as article takes the painting community product “Painting World” as the object, and expands the analysis and explanation Thailand Phone Number of product overview, functional architecture, content, and users, and compares and combines a product in charge of the author to propose optimization suggestions for this type of product.


A competitive product analysis is a relatively niche community-based product painting world. I am a product operator. For product managers, this competitive product analysis may be too simple. For the operation partners, you can refer to the following.

Authoring Tool Module

The threshold for content production in painting is relatively high. Ordinary users often have no experience in hand-painting, board Thailand Phone Number painting, or original creation. It is difficult to produce high-quality content by simply publishing daily exercises and dynamics.

As well as World reduces the threshold for content creation and guides users to produce high-quality content by increasing content types, sharing creativity, optimizing tools, encouraging co-painting, and painting teaching:


As well as addition to painting, the painting world allows publishing dynamic graphic content, a channel for passers-by users who do not paint, and at the same time, allows users to set the visible range of works, taking into account the two needs of practicing manuscript storage and work sharing. The more content you save/publish, the greater the chance that users will open the app again.

Content browsing module

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As well as the content community, the two tab navigation pages on the home page are often the ones with the most user switching frequency and dwell time. The quality and matching degree of the home page content directly affect user retention.

As well as World divides works into two Thailand Phone Number categories according to the type of content, high-quality content and homogenous content.

  • High-quality content: More likes. Content with higher scores is recommendd to the homepage area.
  • As well as content: Contents that users are interested in about their subject matter, drawing method, and theme are recommended to the painting title area of ​​the secondary page.


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