Leads are users who have shown interest in your brand and have let you know through a form or subscription. In addition, they have given you some type of personal information such as their email or telephone number. There are two types of leads: Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). Let’s talk a little about each of them to have more context. Marketing Qualified Leads are right in the middle of the sales funnel and they have not yet made the final purchase decision. To transform them into Sales Qualified Leads, they must have passed the filters of the sales department and be eligible for purchase.

To put this into practice, let’s say john saw a digital marketing article. Decided to subscribe to a blog to learn more. With this, you have provided Denmark phone number information about him. The marketing team will proceed to contact him or perhaps send. Him personalized information to see if he is really interested in buying. If juan downloads more content or provides more information about himself by accepting a phone call or a direct visit. He would become an sql and increase the probability of purchase. With this strategy to get leads. You will obtain an effective database. Also the possibility of increasing your sales and your client portfolio.

Why Qualified Leads Matter

On the other hand, they are the ones who can develop a multiplier effect if they are satisfied with your product or service, by attracting new potential customers to you, achieving the growth of your business organically. Why Qualified Leads Matter LinkedIn A qualified lead is already a prospective customer for your business. You have their information, it went through your marketing and sales departments, plus it has a place in your sales funnel.

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Leads already meet the requirements that your brand needs to convert them into a customer and to this, they have let you know that they are in your product or service. That is, you already have half the work done. And what is sought with this process? Save time inside the funnel. That the sales team does not work on prospects that are not going to buy. Avoid frustrations by not being able to make sales. Don’t waste time that in really potential customers. That there is no decrease in the return on investment.

How To Identify Qualified Leads On Linkedin?

So once we’re clear on what leads are and why my brand needs them, let’s take it into the social context, particularly the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn, from the user’s point of view, is a professional social network where you can look for a job, be part of groups relevant to your area of ​​work and create a kind of online resume that will serve as a cover letter for different companies. In the case of companies, it is a platform that gives you the opportunity to connect with leads and potential customers for your organization. In particular, to find professionals who develop within your area of ​​interest.

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