Metric vs metric

you can select different metrics to compare Marketing Directors Email Lists against each other. On the left above the chart, click Select a Metric to get a dropdown menu and select a metric.

Your chart will then show two lines; a dark one for the first metric and a lighter blue line representing the second metric. For instance, see all sessions and how many are new users.

Marketing Directors Email Lists

Other views you can play with include Dimensions which include Default Channel Grouping, Source/Medium, Source, Medium, and Other. Two different dimensions can be compared as Primary against Secondary.

By clicking the views next to Advanced on the left above the chart you can choose to see the data in a chart, pie chart, bar graphs, keywords and pivot.

Now we’re having fun!

Customize your dashboard
Ok, now that you’ve checked out different views of various types of data, you need to decide what views you want to see on a regular basis. Once you decide, it’s time to create a customized dashboard.


Go to the top of the sidebar menu, click Dashboard>Private>My Dashboard. Or you can click New Dashboard, choose a blank or Starter Dashboard, then name it.

I would go for the Starter Dashboard, just to save time.

The Dashboard allows for a maximum of twelve widgets. The widgets on the Starter Dashboard can be deleted by clicking the X in the top right of each one.

Each widget can be edited by clicking on the pencil.

You can add widgets by clicking +Add Widget at the top left. That brings up a window full of options you might or might not relate to.

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