YouTube is the biggest video website in the world. Over a billion hours of video are watched each day. But while YouTube is the primary home for videos on the internet, there are other places worth uploading your videos to in order to reach a wider audience.

In this post, we provide a comprehensive list of other websites and social platforms that can deliver a significant number of views. We also go into detail about the kind of content that works well on each one.


Although a very broad and multifaceted social network, it’s right to consider Facebook as the second-biggest video platform on the web behind YouTube. The Netherlands Mobile Number discovery infrastructure is much more passive than YouTube because the platform gives you silent autoplaying content via a feed. However, Facebook can be an important method of video distribution for a wide range of content.


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Facebook’s audience is extremely wide-ranging and covers many demographics. So if you’re creating content for YouTube, you should consider having some video presence on Facebook as well.

Do note that the kind of content which works well on YouTube doesn’t normally work as well on Facebook. 95% of Facebook video views are silent, and people quickly skip past videos. This means that if you want to generate interest, your videos need to looks attractive. In addition, they need to work reasonably well with captions instead of audio.


Also a platform from Meta, Instagram works similarly to Facebook. Especially in terms of its content discovery and primarily app-centric user experience. With over a billion monthly users, mostly under the age of 35, Instagram is a great way to reach younger people.

Videos formats are, however, more restrictive than Facebook. For example, video length is limited to 10 minutes. Instagram is also centered around visually appealing content, and quick, entertaining snacks. Lectures, screencasts, and dry tutorial videos don’t work well. That’s why it’s better to post a smaller subset of your creative marketing content on Instagram.


LinkedIn is almost the NetherlandsMobile Number reverse of Instagram from a content style perspective, even though it retains similar format restrictions. Here, talking heads, lectures, and software tutorials tend to work very well. Content doesn’t need to be as visually appealing as on Instagram. Because LinkedIn also has a maximum video length of 10 minutes, it’s a great website to post casual and short B2B content.


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