For the first time in almost two years, I’m back to working a full-time job (gasp!). I know, I know… I’ve always been such an outspoken advocate of building up your side income, for the primary purpose of being able to leave full-time employment for someone else in the UAE Phone Number List rear-view mirror forever. Trust me, I never thought I’d end up working full-time for another company again either…reason I decided to go back to full-time employment is because of who it’s with—the company and founder that turned into the best consulting client I’ve ever had… Close (the inside sales CRM for startups).

Side Income Report for January 2018

Over the course of the past year, grew into becoming about two thirds of my consulting work (and income). I was getting to know the CEO and founder, Steli Efti, much better and before I knew it, he’d turned into an incredible mentor for me. Steli and the team at UAE Phone Number List have built a SaaS (software as a service) business that’s become something much larger than themselves. After going through the famed startup accelerator, Y Combinator in 2013, they took a small round of funding from VC’s like SV Angel and Spark Capital. Since then, they’ve been completely self-funded and profitable.

UAE Phone Number List

Side Income Breakdown for January 2018

This is something I aspire to accomplish one day soon, too. Thus, the opportunity to keep doing work I love in the form of content marketing and launching fun side projects to grow the number of trial signups for our CRM, while learning more intensely from Steli… is a chance I really couldn’t pass up on. Which is where checking off all these boxes like filing for a business license and UAE Phone Number List registering a domain name come in. And if you approach executing on your idea by first spending money on these kinds of activities listed above, you can incur a bunch of unnecessary expenses on things that don’t build real value.

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