Case Study:
Shopify released a case study of MVMT Watches, who wanted to simplify their path to purchase as their social media presence grew…

“SpencerSpencer Stumbaugh, MVMT Watches:

“It’s really important to cut out steps in the VP Financial Email List purchasing process. It’s almost like having a new landing page, but one customers can purchase from instantly.” (via Shopify)

So, Spencer and his team launched their Facebook store. The results…?

VP Financial Email List

Approximately 1,500 people visited MVMT’s Facebook store in a 7-day period.
Approximately 60,000 users visited the store in a 90-day period.
The .5% conversion rate resulted in more than $15,000 in revenue.
Now, those numbers were released back in March, so it’s safe to assume revenue has increased since. In addition, it’s worth noting that MVMT Watches did have a Facebook ad budget, which would have assisted with this traction.

Spencer believes this is just the beginning of social commerce, and not just for MVMT Watches…

“SpencerSpencer Stumbaugh, MVMT Watches:

“I think this is what everyone is going to be doing in the future. Getting in on this early and cutting the number of steps in the conversion process improves the customer experience and helps us grow in new ways.” (via Shopify)

2. Twitter
You can also sell to customers directly via Twitter now, as well. Essentially, any product that you’ve tweeted will include a buy button, which means your audience can buy from you without leaving Twitter.

Here’s an example…

Twitter Shopping Flow
Image Source

Twitter has teamed up with a number of eCommerce partners to make it all possible (and seamless).

Of course, promoted tweets, like Facebook ads, are an added benefit. They make it easier to expand your audience and get your products in front of more like-minded buyers. You can run Twitter-only sales, host flash sales, product releases, etc. all from Twitter.

Like Facebook, Twitter stores payment information so that it doesn’t need to be entered repeatedly, making the mobile shopping experience smoother.

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