In today’s episode, we’re talking to Madeleine Lambert, the co-founder of Content Refined, a Canadian-based content marketing firm that helps affiliate marketers, UAE Email List eCommerce brands and SaaS companies to grow their traffic through data-backed content marketing. After starting her career in the somewhat unrelated fields of project management and customer relations, Madeleine made the decision to move up to a small town surrounding a ski resort near Toronto.

Month Service Business With Madeline Lambert

Once she settled in, it was clear that the opportunities for well-paid jobs were pretty few and far between, so she began teaching herself the ins & outs of content marketing, UAE Email List writing, and SEO. It was then that Madeleine started working as a freelancer, eventually landing a project with an online entrepreneur that’d soon become her business partner in launching Content Refined.

UAE Email List

Business With Madeline Lambert Of Content Refined

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