Well, many of the leading blog hosting services (that bloggers tend to promote) offer only the option to pay your full plan duration up front… racking up a bill that’s often well over $100 and locking you in to a hosting plan for the next year or two. Sometimes, it makes more Belize WhatsApp Number List financial sense to go for a shorter-term monthly hosting plan, where you can truly pay month-to-month without being locked into a longer contract. And the best part? Most monthly billed web hosting plans aren’t really that much more expensive (if at all).

Features Of Dreamhost’s Monthly Hosting Plans

In this guide, we’re going to break down all of the best monthly hosting plans (and providers) on the market today. My pick for the best monthly hosting plan is Dreamhost’s Shared Starter Plan, from one of the most established, longest-running web hosting providers around. I’ve actually hosted dozens of websites on Dreamhost over the years (and I still use their monthly Belize WhatsApp Number List billed web hosting plans for a few projects today). All of the classic web hosting features like WordPress pre-installed, fast loading speeds, free SSL certificate and site security aside, one of the biggest reasons I often recommend Dreamhost to new bloggers, is the fact that they offer a true month-to-month payment plan that allows you to pay for your blog hosting each month with no long-term contracts or strings attached.

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Features Of HostGator’s Monthly Hosting Plans

Powerful camera. One of the most important aspects of travel blogging, is telling the stories of your adventures. And what better way to do it than with pictures of everything you see, do and experience? This is why you need a good camera to capture those vibrant storytelling moments. I highly recommend the Sony Alpha A7 II (at $998.00) mirrorless camera paired with either their Belize WhatsApp Number List 28-70mm lens that comes standard with the camera, or an upgrade to the more diverse 18-105mm f/4 OSS G lens (at $598.00) that’ll help you shoot just about any type of setting without the need to travel with multiple lenses. Similarly to your decision about the right laptop to travel with, investing up front in good camera gear will pay major dividends in the quality of your content—and this tool will also last you for several years at least.

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