Use the digital ecosystem to always stay on top of your customers’ mind.

Engage on social media and send personalized emails.

Use emails to engage your prospects on your social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Vine etc.

Build a loyal audience by keeping them informed.

5. Listen to Your Customers
Eavesdropping on social media conversations about your brand, product line and line of business is a must to become a successful marketer. These insights also help you to improve your marketing campaigns.

Monitor social conversations and you’ll get better insights on how to plug the loopholes.

Capture as much data as possible Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists through these conversations.

Tip 1:
Setup a process so that you can assist your customers and provide them timely help and response based on the feedback provided by them on social media.

Tip 2:
Share content that’s interesting to your customers and at the same time, it should also promote your brand.

Source: The Financial Brand

Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

How to monitor social media conversations?

You can use many tools to eavesdrop on social media conversations about your brand and niche.

Click this link to know how to use Hootsuite for ethical eavesdropping on social media.

6. Diversify Your Marketing Efforts
The key to success is not to restrict yourselves to only a few channels.

Don’t be lazy. Use different tools and digital platforms to assert your presence in this ever-expanding space of the digital world.

It’s also a good idea to use analytics to know where you’re receiving the best results and more revenue.

Also, get to know to customer life cycle.

Create your campaigns according to buyer journey and buyer personas.

Send appropriate messages according to buyer journey.

Diversify your digital marketing efforts
Send a customer from one life cycle to the next. The way Nokia mobiles (now Microsoft) did when they launched their ambitious Lumia series. They targeted their drifting customers, using their well-known USP – “better quality, brand value, and durable products”. Now, all of this was bundled with the latest touchscreen technology.

Lumia campaigns were successful and Nokia was able to move their loyal customer-base into their next life cycle.

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