to do with the whole family. Fewer screens & tidying up Some people also report that voice appeals to them because They spend less time on TV and other Japan WhatsApp Number List screens. Consumers see it as an opportunity to tidy up at home. they expect that they will soon no longer need remote controls and that they will.

Able to operate all

devices with the smart speaker. “Although we were talking to respondents specifically. About smart speakers, the qualitative research suggests that their underlying need was not for another device; rather they wanted their existing devices to be easier to use. In this respect they see voice input as a way to de-clutter.

Simplify their lives and make

Japan WhatsApp Number List

interaction far more natural and intuitive.” The problems of voice-activated devices In the research, many people indicate that they would buy a new voice device again, but a number of problems are also highlighted. For example, there are concerns about privacy. Yet most in the survey indicate that they prefer the convenience of voice-over their privacy.

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