The most vital element in ensuring the success HR Directors Email Lists of a digital transformation project involves your company developing empathy with your customers by using research, journey mapping and data analysis.

2 – The Always-On Business

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Becoming a digitally driven business has many advantages but it also creates a new set of challenges. Leaders will need to think about new, potentially unconventional team structures, and acquiring resources with skill sets that have not yet been completely defined. However, one of the greatest challenges can be the reality of becoming an “always-on” business.

In many ways, this ties in closely with altered customer expectations. As an organisation or brand becomes increasingly digital its customers will expect to be able to interact with that brand in any way they want. At any time they want. Many digital transformation projects have gone off track as the reality of delivering a service 24/7 becomes apparent.

It is critical that business leaders facilitate  early on the discussion about what meeting customer’s service expectations really means — ideally before project teams form and work begins.

3 –

Simply implementing technologies is not a digital strategy. Some organisations get confused about technology implementation and fail to define a clear and simple focus for digital transformation. Today’s environment is seeing business models evolve at an incredible pace. Businesses that are leveraging technology to address unmet customer needs are redesigning whole markets and disrupting the status quo.

It is critical that a company embarking

on a journey of digital transformation keeps the business model conversation very separate from the technology one. The two may be interlinked but the model needs to be anchored in a discussion about business strategy and competitive advantage. Technology is an enabler but it cannot transform

the way you do business or the way you connect with your customers.

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