Great marketers always look for new Media Directors Email Lists opportunities to reach people in their target market. As mobile became more dominant over the past few years, business owners and professional advertisers alike saw an opportunity to promote their brand among a tech-savvy audience.

But mobile devices are no longer for young hipsters who adapt to high-tech instinctively. Baby boomers, grandparents, and the middle-aged are all finding mobile technology indispensable. As a result, the opportunities for digital marketers to reach people using a mobile device have never been better.

Those opportunities are reflected in the numbers. According to WordStream founder Larry Kim, mobile ad share is growing while desktop ad share is shrinking. At the same time costs-per-click (CPCs) are at an all-time high.

Media Directors Email Lists

Why the disconnect? Mobile marketing opportunities are commanding a premium price tag because that’s where the people are.

It’s also where the smart marketers are.

Ad Blockers
Every digital marketer’s favorite boogeyman is the dreaded ad blocker. That’s technology that lives up to its name. It blocks certain types of ads from appearing.

Unfortunately, mobile browsers can use ad blockers as well. The Apple iPhone, for example, released content blocking software as part of its iOS 9 operating system. Although the content blocker doesn’t block ads itself, it enables developers to produce web apps that do block ads.

In addition to ads, ad blockers are known to block technology that’s often used by online marketers, such as cookies, auto-play videos, pop-ups and images. That makes it more difficult to retarget consumers and reach them with creative work.

There’s clearly a market for ad blockers,

although one has to wonder how they advertise online. According to the 2015 Ad Blocking Report, more than 200 million people around the world are using ad blockers. That’s up 41% from 2014. According to one estimate, those ad blockers are costing advertisers $22 billion a year in revenue.

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