The Event

We’ve seen the headlines of dwindling high Accounting Directors Email Lists street stores and the demise of in-store purchases but mobile has its place to play in getting your customers from wherever they may be to your store. In-store events can be a perfect for finding out what your local customers are interested in and respond well to, but how did they hear about it?  people know what is happening near them. With a few well-timed texts and a healthy amount of office chatter, you can find yourself with a very successful event.

The Update

Accounting Directors Email Lists

SMS is incredibly versatile, especially for the retail industry. This short and sweet marketing tool can also become part and package of a total retail experience

with a small bit of technical expertise. An API integration can provide your customers with

confirmations about purchases, delivery times, back in stock information sent straight to their mobile phones. Let’s face it, we all get excited by the text that tells us our package has arrived.

Mobile is certainly where it’s at and there’s more than

one way to make this platform your own but it unquestionably can’t be ignored, especially since the

IMRG predicts a further 11% growth in online transactions. As more shoppers take a multi-channel

approach to shopping, mobile plays a key role in purchases online and offline whether it’s researching,

SMS offers or buying online.

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