Online is much more sought-after content than for commercial information. Therefore, create content that is mission driven, targeted in Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List research , influencer-powered, and PR-focused. You do this by making data the backbone of your B2B content strategy. In this article, I’ll share ways to create quality, substantive B2B content.

The above advice was shared

At the B2B MarketingForum 2018 in San Francisco by Andy Crestodina, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Orbit Media. He gave the very inspiring workshop ‘Content strategy and SEO for B2B’ on the cutting edge of web technology, web marketing, and web trends. His message? ‘ Find the missing stat in your industry .

And claim your authority

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This is the report of the strategy part of Crestodina’s workshop. Own research and own opinion Step one of the content strategies is to formulate your editorial mission and place it in a clear place on your website. After all, everyone’s first question is ‘am I in the right place?’ Those who do that are three times more successful, according to Crestodina. According to him, the mission gives the visitor clarity and it also functions as your own guideline.

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