First, it’s important to understand what exactly a media advisory is before we can start comparing the differences with a press release.A media advisory, or media alert, is a notice that is given to members of the media to cover an upcoming event with only the Singapore WhatsApp Number List most important details displayed.Media advisories have been important for businesses for quite some time. In the Google Trends chart below, you can see media advisory has had pretty consistent search volume over the past 5 years.

What Is A Media Advisory?

It should be short, to the point, and not contain any fluff about the new release or details about the business that’s hosting the event.Media advisories are best for grand openings, book releases, fundraisers, press conferences, and other events that are upcoming Singapore WhatsApp Number List soon.Generally, it should be sent within a week of the event happening and then a follow up the day before as a reminder to the news outlet.These are used to generate media interest in covering a specific live event and they act as an invitation to ultimately have them cover it on their publication.

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Media Advisory Template

Media outlets get thousands of these notifications so it’s important to take some time and make the information easily digestible for the reader.Now that you know what a media advisory is, let’s take a look at a great example below.This media advisory is a recent example from the Singapore WhatsApp Number List NAACP. It does a great job giving the necessary information in a concise manner and highlights the import aspects through design.The title is very large so it captures the reader’s attention and quickly tells what the advisory is about.

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