If indeed free will does not exist, how bad or unethical can it be for marketers and political campaigners to use big data and methods such as microtargeting  Peru WhatsApp Number List and psychological profiling? Or that they use bots that pose as (human) social media accounts and use neuromarketing and other advanced science and.

Technology to move

people in the direction they want? data Why digital marketing techniques matter to the EP. The European Parliament and the European Commission. Have been closely monitoring elections around the world. They looked closely at the coverage of Brexit and the infamous Trump election, as well as elections in Eastern Europe, South and Central America and Sweden. The EU is learning and analyzing what impact.

Innovative information

Peru WhatsApp Number List

communication technologies can have on election results, with the European elections in May 2019 on the horizon. Also read: Smart toasters, Nike on Demand & what tech developments do to us Why unethical manipulations matter to us The trend is alarming, of course, especially given the political crisis we are currently seeing impacting

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