With the new digital brands that have been appearing for more than a decade: many of them take advantage of the inertia of a certain sector (those that are unchangeable for brands of a lifetime). to be able to break into them with a new value proposition. And this happens even though we know that once they have become strong in that market, what they will finally end up offering us will be remarkably similar, in essence, to what the brands of a lifetime have been offering us. Although substantially improved, of course. Let’s take the case of Uber or Cabify as an example . What began as a collaborative platform for some private drivers.

To allow any citizen to get into their

To allow any citizen to get into their car to share the same route, is today essentially a more than efficient taxi service of a lifetime with professional Image Manipulation Service drivers. The new digital brands take advantage of the inertia of a certain sector to break into a new value proposition. The same thing happens, to give another example, with Glovo . What began as an app to take advantage of an individual’s journey to receive a third party’s package at home has ended up being a formalized and improved alternative to the traditional courier service for certain products and services. Let it not surprise us that Airbnb one day will also have its own accommodation, in addition to its current wide range of private homes. In other words, something similar to hotels.

Image Manipulation Service

Or that Amazon has, beyond its purchase portal

Or that Amazon has, beyond its purchase portal, physical stores, like some of the ones it already has. And even that some of them are similar in assortment Executive List to those department stores that today are taking away all the customers. Or that Netflix ends up building a room for large-format. one is perfectly aware that everything is still very green. It is true that there are brands that have interesting proposals with elaborate architecture and landscaping. Where every son of a neighbor has traveled to the markets of the East and the Mongolian deserts, and where Instagram crudely shows us from the underworld of the cities to the double beds of private jets. audiovisual viewing of one of the series that can be seen at home. In other words, a cinema.

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