All digital marketing is inherently global digital marketing!

You can’t stop those electrons from traveling VP Media Email Lists to other countries, even if you wanted to. While your target audience might not be global, you still need to manage global digital marketing.


VP Media Email Lists

Here’s how Sarah Jones, from Luxury Daily frames the imperative to manage global digital marketing:

From varying digital habits to disparities in infrastructure, brands cannot expect that their framework for the United States will be effective if carried over to other countries. Even if a brand is not actively seeking global consumers, having an online presence means they are on an international stage.

Why you need to manage global digital marketing even if you’re not a global brand?
Even if you’re not targeting visitors from outside your particular country, you need a global strategy for 2 reasons:

Global visitors contribute significantly to your SEO strategy and goal conversion
A mistake that insults a particular region can create a powerful negative if social media posts go viral

Impact on SEO

As a digital marketing agency, Hausman & Associates focuses on serving clients in the US. But, take a look at my Google Analytics (click to enlarge) and you’ll find my reach extends much further than the US.

Notice, my second largest source of visits is India. Indian visitors also spend more time on my site. Hence, even if I’m not interested in serving clients in India, I need them as they contribute positively to my SEO strategy.

Also notice the goal completion rate for visitors from different countries. The US features the highest goal completion, but contenders include South Africa and Kenya. Hence, I need these folks to build my business, as their engagement spreads word of my work to unexpected places I might not reach otherwise.

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