According to the discussion of the parties involved in the dispute. Such as the propaganda director of the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) Youth League. The chairman of the Islamic Organization Consultative Council and others. The general objections are as follows: The word “Timah” is Malay, and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia defines Malays as Muslims. So it is not appropriate to use Malay as the name of the drink. “Timah” is similar to “Fatimah”. The daughter of the law and order in the Lalu area of ​​Perak. Which was rich in tin mines and attracted many Chinese workers. He once pacified the

Islamic prophet Muhammad, and the person in the

Lalu War ” caused by Chinese gangs. It is worth mentioning that Biqilin in “Scarlo” , who was also an official of the British colonial government at that time, also participated in pacifying the war.Although only Muslims cannot drink alcohol, but Norway Phone Number alcohol causes traffic accidents, alcohol addiction, broken families, and alcohol harms society regardless of religion, and should not be encouraged or seen as pride. Alcoholic beverages do more harm than good, and there are other taxes in the state that can replace taxes from alcoholic beverages.

Omar was criticized for its similarity to the name of the

Norway Phone Number

Islamic prophet’s friend and heir, which would cause confusion among Muslims. However, the focus of attention from all walks of life in Malaysia is still on “Timah”. Did the merchant intend to be insulting?Let’s start with the naming and picture usage of “Timah”. The businessman responded quickly after the incident: The word “Timah” means tin mine in Malay, and the businessman commemorated the mining era in Malaya during the British colonial period. The portrait of the man on the bottle is Tristram Speedy , the British adventurer who introduced whisky to Malaya during the British colonial period . Interestingly, Tristram Speedy once led the army to maintain

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